Friday, April 21, 2006

"My Afikoymen"

My kids went away for passover to there dad, I feel this emptiness inside when they are not with me, I do appreciate from time to time to have just me my self and I to relax and unwind, from being a mother/father and everything that comes with being a single mom, it is nice to just be with your self sometimes, I'm just so used to being with them that when I don't have them around I feel this void inside, besides that my schedule gets all messed up, I don't have who to take care of, no one to feed breakfast, dinner, do homework, take them out, listen to there stories, there laughter, especially at night time is the hardest for me to go to sleep with out them around, I'm so used to tuck them into bed with hugs and kisses, I get sad at night.

most of the time they go to there dad for shabbes or yum tov so I can't call them up to speak with them since he is observant, it makes it even harder when I miss them and don't get to speak with them for a few days in a row.

the truth is that when they are not with me I see how much they really mean to me, how they add so much to my life, they bring me so much joy, even having them fight with each other here and there I miss ;-) there is more fun and excitement with them around, not having them around for a few days make me realize how truly blessed I'm, I guess in a way it's a good lesson for me to be more appreciative of them not that I don't appreciate them all the time but it adds on to it, they came back from there dad tonite, I just feel like sharing this experience since it means so much to me, they didn't just walk in the door they come running in the door jumping all over me, from excitement I fall back on the couch behind me, yeah funny... ;-) they threw me off balance, it was the most amazing feeling to finally get to see them and hug them, they are thank god very loving kids, they express them self very openly, they tell me mommy you know what is your afikoymen? I said what? They come running to me telling me we are...

I can tell you one thing they are the best afikoymen I have ever gotten.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


When I hear the word PAYSACH (Passover) this is one of the images that pops into my head....
My mother on the floor on both hands and knees (Hey!! Don't get the wrong image) She is only doing her paysach cleaning..... washing and scrubbing the floor in the kitchen, going into every crack between the tiles, she had to make sure that there isn't any crumbs stuck somewhere in between.... She got her self all set up with her cleaning tools & supplies, like a construction worker that comes ready with his tool box filled with equipments, on one side a pale filled with hot water, with who knows how many deadly chemicals she put in there, bleach, ammonia, the works..

in one hand she got a shmata holding it up against her nose and mouth, to prevent her from fainting or simply suffocating from the strong chemicals... in her other hand she got a tooth brush, a safety pin along with some tooth picks a few sawing needles so that she can reach deep into those little tinny cracks to clean out the crumbs that are not even visible to the human eye (Butel Be'shishim stands correct) God forbid those bread crumbs will stay buried somewhere, our all yum tov will Mamish be Le'vatulah (in vain) if she does not get rid of those invisible crumbs.. I swear if you would have seen her clean the house you would probably be laughing you head off.. but for us it was no laughing matter at all, she put us through the labor that the Jews in Egypt might not even have endured... I would have loved to move to a new house every Passover season just to eliminate the horror of the few month before Passover that we all had to deal with.

imagine this... every possible space in the house every crack had to be inspected, the walls, ceiling, windows, including the toilet sit, what ever had screws was taken apart, if it wouldn't have been scrubbed, washed, rinsed, with half a dozen of deadly chemicals, then our Passover was not Passover.. we had to clean every inch of the house, as if the bread crumbs some how made there way up to the ceiling and chandeliers...even if did, don't they sell all the chometz to a gentile anyways? (by Jewish law you sell what ever is not kosher for Passover to a gentile and then buy it back right after the holiday is over)

I know that you most get rid of all the chometz in the house and clean up, you have to prepare your self, stock up with a all new line of food, new dishes, etc.. make sure there isn't any bread laying around somewhere, but what's up with this craziness? Okay I agree my mother is extreme, but I hear so many people complain about how behind they are with there paysach cleaning, why don't we just clean up the house normal.. get rid of the food in the kitchen and sell the rest of the chometz out to a gentile, isn't that enough?

I wish you all A Joyful peacefull & kosher passover, May we all get rid of our own enslavements and be redeemed forever.. Amen!!!