Friday, August 18, 2006

This will Help you reach a more spiritual connection to G-d..

*I took out her name not to shame this woman

I want to thank a Dear friend of mine for taking the time to do me and my readers a favor and transelate the above letter in english.

"Living amoungst us in the holy town of Kriyas Joel a woman a stinking carcass amoung ultra orthodox it has never been experienced someone who brings on the wrath of the holy creator, a sinner who causes others to sin on a large scale without shame, we want to let the evil femme know that the town KJ will not rest untill she will abscond from our holy shtetl
Name..................Wife of reb.............

Is this the way a Orthodox Jewish community like Kriyas Joel should be dealing with someone that doesn't live up to there standards, by putting out there names in public calling them the lowest humiliating names?

Lets just say for argument sake that the woman they mention in this letter did do something that is not with-in the guidelines they expect people in there community to live by, does this give them the right to publicly embarrass her shame her and her family? Isn't that something that the torah clearly prohibits religious Jews to do? what about Rechilus, Loshen Orah (gossip) doesn't that mean anything to them? what a shame... it disgusts me.

on another note I recently heard that in Kriyas Joel (which is a satmar community in orange county monroe) they sent around kids from door to door to hand out letters to the woman asking them to write down something that they take upon them self to better them selfs, they expect them to fill it out and return signed.

Let me tell you something If I where to live in Kriyas Joel & I get this letter that I have to write down something I'm taking upon my self it would say something like this:

I take upon my self to watch at least 2 xxx Rated movies per week, get a drivers license, have my cleaning lady walk around naked while she cleans the house, and last but not least wear a long Ponjelo (robe) shabbes afternoon outside of course & parade around with my husband holding hands and make out from time to time if I feel like it.

Signed by yours truly

Da shiksa

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cleaning Ladies the time as come for you to wear one..

I just got a hold of this letter and since it talks about Ponjelos (robes) I think it goes well with the topic of shirtzlech.

If anyone can use some zechusim please take part in this ge'valdige Mitzvah to get Shirtzlech for there cleaning ladies..