Sunday, December 17, 2006

Family Chanukah Party..

Last year this time I wrote about my family inviting me to there chanukah party chanukah
Tonight I'm going to join them for another family party, I don't participate in my family's get togethers to often but I try to do it at least on chanukah, If not for my self then for my kids to have the experience of celebrating with family.

It's not that I don't want to see them, I really do, I love them dearly.. I just don't enjoy the dressing up part I feel like I'm not my self around them, or having to watch how I speak, It's a all different environment, most of the conversations are so different from what I'm used to today, it bores me to death, so before I go I just have to perpare my self for it.

Chanukah in itself is not that complicated I think it's a fun holiday, you don't have to clean out the all house from bread crumbs or bring in a all new line of food & dishes, you simply light the candles each night, play card games, spin the driedel attend family parties it's fun.

I light the candels with my kids every night I teach them some old yiddish chanukah songs that I remember growing up, they try to sing it along and laugh at me, like when I sing this song:

לאטקעלע לאטקעלע האפ האפ טאנץ אריין אין מיין טאפ באק דיך אפ זייער זייער פיין ווייל איך וויל די זאלסט זיין מיין

I hope I sang it right.. other wise you can correct me

Wishing you all A wonderful Chanukah