Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello hello..

Another week another month went by

Seems like I hardly get to see the sky.

7:30 My coffee is brewing on the pot

I search for a top to wear there goes a spot.

Lets not forget the kids I need to wake

Or I'll have to face my boss why I'm late.

The little one is not ready to part from his pillow

I need to convince him I'll buy him some skito.

I finally get them all ready and set

I get to the car I realize I'm not fully dressed.

I'm wearing my slippers instead of my shoes

Oy vay.. I krechtz.. I have to run back and get into my boots.

8:30 I'm already staring at my screen

I realize I left my coffee I'm about to scream.

I have a million deadlines to meet

Or else I'm chopped meat.

I don't even know If I'll go for lunch today

My boss just informed me to have those files ready by the end of the day.

Sigh...who has time to blog or shmooze

When I can't even put my clock on snooze.

This is just a little update

hope your all doing great.

Best wishes

Yours truly Da Shiksa.


Wishing you all A Happy Valentines Day!!