Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I finally decided to sit down and write a bit, things are taking a turn for the better since I decided to leave my employer and opt for a better opprotunity, with that came less stress and frustration, so far its going great, there are times when you just have to look out for your own well being instead of working with people who simply don't value your hard work and dedication, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt sometimes for much longer then what they deserve this time I felt there was just no point in putting in more effort in trying to please them when there was no appreciation or recognition.

moving on to passover my kids will be going to there dad and I planed a nice vacation with friends I rather be in the hot sun on the beach instead of chewing on those shmurah matzahs, I honestly avoid eating motzah's today oy does it give me a bad stomach ache, I remember those years I would only eat food cooked in shmaltz and plenty of eggs and potato's to leave a fire burning inside for 8 days.

My mother is busy cooking up a storm, rolling her own gefilta fish, carp fish, and making her homemade horseradish and plenty of borsht made from beets, for me being jewish around the holidays pays off that I use it to my benefit and take a nice long vacation, that is all I'm enjoying about the jewish holidays today, other then that I don't have much of an interest to it, I use to go crazy with cleaning out the house from bread crumbs making pasachdick, Oh man the amount of bleach and chemicals I used up I honestly pitty the jewish woman who have to go through Avoydas payrach to get the chomatz out of there homes, I guess they really want them to feel what it was like for the jews in mitzriyim, I remember by the time it came to making the seder my mom would barely stand on her feet to serve the food, and lets not forget my father would get into all this lengthy stories on each chapter in the hagodah, until we actually got to serve the meal I was already chewing down my last finger nail, and then the story telling and signing continued till late into the evening, I think it was the part where the cat was eaten by the dog, or the dog eaten by the cat that the seder finally came to an end, I don't think I remember exactly which song that was but for now I'll say diehaynuu..

Wishing you all a wonderful chag kosher ve'samach....

Lashuna habuh Bay'rushalim Abunyo... for the 120th time Hopefully this time he will really really really come next year.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy belated Simchas Purim

I hope you all had a wonderful purim, I'm sharing some pictures with you I think they are hysterical, this guy did a great job dressing up as a shpitzel lady.