Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Matan Torah..

Some people say they see Jesus in different things, I see this in cheese cakes..

Hope you all have wonderful holiday.

Monday, May 14, 2007

George carlins on religoun

Sharing a clip I found it amusing.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another wonderful weekend At a Jacs retreat...

I find it compelling to share the experince I had this past weekend and what it was like for me, I attend 12 step programs for the past few years for my addictions with alcohol and drugs it helps me stay clean & sober, usually I attend AA meetings in local churches in my area, there you don't get to see to many frum jews or jews in general but when I go to a Jacs retreat everyone there is jewish from all types of backgrounds frum or not, the Jacs organization as been around for the last 20 something years and as had about 57 retreats so far, I never knew that such a organization exists until a few years ago when I joined and started going to there retreats, the thing I like most about Jacs is that no matter who you are your always going to feel apart of a jewish community when your there, it's a place where you can see a chosid man or woman sitting with a group of people you would hardly ever see outside of jacs (at least that is my experince) when you see them sitting together it almost feels like this is the way it is all the time between jew's where everyone treats each other with the out most respect in a very non judgmental way, sharing there stories and life's struggles together, it's a beautiful sight to see, for me even more beacuse of who I'm today and being someone that as struggled with not feeling apart of or fitting into the community I was raised with.

I have written about this in the past, but it seems that every single retreat I go to I'm compelled to share my experince once again.

I heard so many stories of the pain and suffering that some of the people go through with there drug abusing spouses who are not getting the help they need, there are man and woman who are married to addicts they come there to gain the support they need learning how to go on and take care of them self's they can't change there spouses behaviors who are acting out and using, they need to learn how to be able to deal with it, for many it's learning to walk away from unhealthy relationships, some of the people I met show amazing strength after going through years of abuse they finally learn to stand up for them selfs or leave their marriages of over 10-20 years they realize that they need to take care of them self's first and not stay in abusive relationships.

it's very sad that some addicts simply won't get the help they need and there loved ones are the ones who are hurting the most, It's also very sad to see that some people don't have the strength to leave an abusive relationship, some feel it will hurt there kids or think they are too old to start over, I believe it's never to late to start over, one woman in particular that I met and really care about as a drug abusing husband she is such an amazing person and it hurts me so much to see her go through all this pain with a husband that doesn't have the ability or willingness to give up his drug use (at least not yet) she is struggling by staying with him for so many years saying that it's for her kids sake, she is at the stage of marrying her children and her family as no idea what she is going through, It really hurts to see someone that special full of goodness suffer this way, personally I really don't think its right for someone to stay in a marriage and suffer no matter what the reason is.

Growing up I never heard such a thing as drug use in the chassidishe communities (or even knew what drugs meant) when I learned about jacs I found out that there are many who suffer from this diseases of drugs & alcohol abuse with-in the hasidic communities, I don't think it's talked about enough in the frum communities, I feel that there is even a greater need to bring more awareness with-in the frum communities, many people don't feel comfortable to come to a jacs retreat because of the fear that there identity will be disclosed, fear of there family finding out that they have a problem with drugs & drinking, or knowing that it would probably be looked down upon in there circles instead of understanding that this is like a cancer that needs to be treated or else it will kill them,

some of the people I met you would never think by the way they look that there husband/wife's loved ones deal with addictions drinking drugging and many other addictions, they struggle so hard to have to deal with it alone beacuse many don't even know that there is such a thing as getting help for it, like going to Jac's or AA meetings which is around every day all over the country.

thanks to jacs many jew's who want to be apart of a jewish network have found a safe place to be able to get the right treatment they so desperately need, a place where they can turn to guidance and support and connect with other jew's who share the same struggles.

sometimes when I come back from a Jacs retreat I find it difficult to get back to every day life where I don't see this loving non judgmental attitude between jew's around me, I wish that more jewish communities have that unity that exists at the retreat.

If any of you know or have someone in there life's that is suffering of addictions of any sort or yourself, I would suggest that you get in touch with the Jacs organization, I'm putting their link up, I also have it listed on my blog..

I hope that more people find strength to overcome addictions by getting the help they need and get to live a clean and sober life, My biggest Gift in my life today is that I got a chance to get clean and live a sober life where I'm no longer a victim to my disease, If I can help someone get that Gift of the program in there life it's even more rewarding to me.

I'm sharing some of the great slogans of the AA program here.

No matter where you go...there you are.

AA may not solve all your problems but it is willing to share them

When a person tries to control their drinking they have already lost control

If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere

We are not human beings having spiritual experiences; we are spiritual beings having human experiences

AA never opened the gates of heaven to let me in, aa did open the gates of hell to let me out

The only thing we take from this world when we leave is what we gave away

It's a pity we can't forget our troubles the same way we forget our blessings

Sobriety delivers everything alcohol promised

We are not punished for our sins, we are punished by our sins

If you feel guilty - stop doing what's making you feel guilty

I would rather go through life sober thinking I'm an alcoholic than go through life drunk thinking I'm not

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