Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Creating Happiness"

We all want happiness, but how do we achieve true happiness?

Lets imagine for a minute that your going to put all your believes about what makes you unhappy into an empty box…fill it up with everything you always believed is the cause of your unhappiness, when your done let this box fly up far away, you can imagine if you wish a red hot air balloon, or maybe a bird, put all of those things you believe is making you unhappy into the box and let it fly up far away into the sky until it completely despairs into space.

Now, imagine that all that you ever believed about what happiness is, is a lie.

Imagine that you have a closet in your house that is filled up to the top with stuff that if you open it everything will come flying out, there isn't any room left to put anything else in it, you need to clean it out in order to make room for things to fit in there, same thing goes with you’re thoughts, you're filled up with all this imaginations of what happiness is, you don’t even have the room for real happiness into your life.

In order to be happy, you need to let go of all those things you believe are going to make you happy, because therein lies the source of your unhappiness.

Ask your self the following questions:

1. What I know is true about happiness is...?

2. What I'm certain about happiness is...?

3. What makes me happy is..?

4. What I don't have that would make me happier, is...?

5. (pick one) I can't possibly be happy unless....Or, I won't be happy until, is...?

6. What I know about dealing with other people's happiness is..?

7. What I have learned from others, or from books or tapes, about happiness, is..?

8. What I regret and/or resent about happiness, is..?

9. What I continue to believe about happiness, even though I have evidence in my life that what I believe about happiness isn't true, is..?

10. What else there is for me to say about happiness, is..?

We are the creators of everything in our life’s, we add meaning to things all the time, we even believe in it and define our self’s by it, what if we take away all the meaning we created and leave it empty? you're left with nothing there.

From nothing you create something, within nothingness lies everything, you have all the possibilities to create anything you want, you have the power to create & it's endless with out limits.

Think of something or someone that makes you unhappy? Feel it experience it, don't run from it, don’t try to change it, identify the sensation in your body where you feel unhappy? what do you want to do when you feel unhappy? what is the worst thought of the experince of feeling unhappy?

Now think of something or someone that makes you happy, feel it experience it fully, Happy, Happy, Happy feeling…think of a sensation in your body were you feel happy? what do you want to do when you feel happy ? What is the best thought of the experince of feeling happiness?

If you do this exercise a few times back and forth going over this experince of what made you happy or unhappy you will realize that you are the cause of your own unhappiness because you’re letting something or someone be the cause if it instead of you being the one who causes the happiness.

Being happy is not going to come from a source outside of you, not your job not your weight lose, and not that special someone that might one day come into your life and make you happy, or what ever else you think is going to be your happiness.

If we constantly walk around thinking of things that are going to make us happy, will never be happy, when you say I’m miserable it's a deceleration, you say it you are it, you create it, nothing and no one is responsible for it.

Yes their are times when it's appropriate to be unhappy, when you’re faced with a tragedy you do need to allow your self to experience feeling sad or unhappy, you can’t always be happy, but the one thing we need to realize is that you're in charge of you're own emotions.

When you let go of the idea that someone or something will come around and bring you happiness, you can actually achive it.

Saying I’m miserable is a declaration, just the same way as saying I'm happy is a declaration.

Think of when you were first born, you didn't have any opinions at all, you didn't even know your identity, as you go along life you started creating your self, you started having opinions, you started defining your self and it's all based on experiences that you went through in you're life, whether it's good or bad or what ever it is, what you say is what you create and become, you create who you are, what are words-language? when you speak words you create things.

If you take all your opinions and truth about your self and get rid of it you are left with nothing, and from nothing there is endless possibilities of creating over and over again, there isn’t any truth to anything, there is only what we believe to be true and what you make the truth be to you.

If we have the ability to keep an open mind that maybe my opinions are just my opinions and not actually the truth, you leave room for change and growth, maybe learn something new that can open the door to many new experinces in your life that were never there before, knowing that you don't know everything and that the truth might actually be hidden from your view gives you the ability to gain more out of your life.

Stop waiting for happiness to come around, be the one that is the cause of your own happiness.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."
Martha Washington (1732 - 1802)